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Bilolaw—Bali International Law Office is a group of talented lawyers aims and develops to solve any problems of the various client especially for Expats and any foreigner visiting or staying in Bali. Founded in the Island of Gods since 2010, Bilolaw started as a partnership of legal consultants and litigation for both Indonesian private law and Indonesian criminal law alongside with any other special case.

Bali International Law Office consists of a group of lawyers with great experience and highly responsible for their job on assisting their clients. Not only we are remarkable in making advice but also great in any other solution required by the clients, acting behalf as their lawyers and also a friend.

As the working environment most likely to be placed in Bali, with so many visitors and tourists came from all over the world—should you require our services—we will happily serve you using English as the main language. However, as English may not be everyone’s main language, our team of lawyers also have the fluency of any other languages you preferred.


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